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Here at Bayou DeView Outfitters, we offer some of the best duck hunting and goose hunting in the state of Arkansas.  We also offer bow and shotgun hunting for Whitetail Deer.

All of our hunting takes place on private land in the Weiner, Waldenburg, Fisher and Cash, Arkansas areas.  Bayou DeView Outfitters is located between the Cache and Languille Rivers and Bayou DeView, near Claypool Reservoir and Mallard Pond Duck Club.

These areas are well known for their rich duck hunting history and traditions.

If the  ducks are in Arkansas we will have them!

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2006 will be our 10th year of quality deer habitat management on 500+ acres of some of the best whitetail deer habitat in the Ozark Mountains.

The free ranging deer on the ranch have greatly benefited from our many food plots, mineral licks, and other specialized feeding programs. We will have many 4 to 6 year old bucks that will score high in the record books.

We finished the Deer Hollow Ranch hunting lodge in the fall of 1998 and are ready to easily and comfortably accommodate up to four hunters at a time.

Your pheasant hunting choice in Kansas is Show Me Birds Hunting Resort. The ringneck pheasant, and chukar partridge you find at Show Me Birds provide the same exciting hunt as any of mother-natures upland gamebirds. We offer Guided Field Hunts, European Pheasant shoots, Pheasant eggs and chick sales, gun dog training and wholesale mature flight bird sales.   Our kennel of over 100 dogs include pointers, setters, Brittany's, and German shorthairs.





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